Defend yourself!

David Warlick of Two Cents Worth recently challenged librarians to pose their “elevator speeches” in defense of the librarian’s place in a world filled with computers and internet resources.

I’m pleased with the answers he received.  I have always respected the power a librarian has to help and enrich our lives personally as well as academically, and I would be saddened to meet anyone who doesn’t agree!

2 thoughts on “Defend yourself!

  1. The video post of the Picasso was great and I am going to save it. I quite enjoyed and agreed with your response to David Warlick’s challenge about who needs librarians.

    It is also interesting to see that you have become an art teacher. I asked your mom about 5 years ago who was doing the art work on her library website and she told me it was you. It’s been fun to watch the art expand on her site and to find your blog. Hope it continues to go well.

    What’s with the Google endorsement comments on all of your posts?

  2. Janet,
    I’m glad you found the blog, I am really enjoying my school and am having a great time teaching art.

    I think the spambots found me, I’ve been deleting the google ads this afternoon.


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