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I dream of mummies…

February 6, 2008 · 2 Comments · education, lesson planning, silly

chickenmummyI’ve been approached by one of my colleagues to participate in a mummification experiment in conjunction with their unit on “Early Man”. They’re planning to mummify a chicken, a process which, unsurprisingly, is quite easy to find online in great detail. There are galleries full of mummified roasters and oven stuffers, even a few cornish game hens done up in the style of Egyptian royalty.


We are planning to first mummify the chickens and then create elaborately decorated sarcophagi to send them off in a manner befitting their regal nature. I’m hoping to sneak in a lesson on the Egyptian writing/numerical system to add stories to the decoration as well.


It’s disgusting and intriguing at the same time, which I love. This project is right up my alley.


  • adharper

    Hello Emily!

    This is Alison Harper from Overland Trail Middle School in Kansas–we are the group blogging with another school to create poetry and art that will be given to a local homeless shelter. My 7th graders and I had to chuckle when we realized an “outsider” was posting on our blog! But after following the link to this blog, I had to chuckle even more–last semester all my seventh graders had to create land art after watching “Rivers and Tides”–and were quite disappointed when they found out the football team was trampling their work. This semester we’re doing the same project, only adding video cameras, and the groups will have to document the process of their work. And my 8th graders made wonderful claymation videos last semester (after watching, of course, old episodes of Gumby). How exciting to come across a kindred art teacher!

  • evalenza

    It is always nice to remember that although we think the world may not be listening, the internet is a very public place. I forget about that myself!
    Nice to find a fellow art teacher on edublogs- I haven’t found many out there recently. Good luck with your project- I’ll check back to see how it turns out.

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